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2017-18 Open Board Positions

Please consider taking a leadership role this coming year! Your efforts, talents and  experience make an enormous difference in our community. 


All nominees will be considered. The President-Elect will serve as President in 2018-19 and Past President in 2019-20.

Communications Chair/Secretary

Gathers Parents Association news for the weekly email Bulletin Board, the Parents Association Newsletter, and the Breck Parents website. Records and distributes Board minutes and maintains records of minutes; may work on ad hoc projects such as new social media applications.


Monitors and makes reports on PA budget and expenses in cooperation with the Business Office; interacts with all committees and division chairs regarding budget.

Lower School Division Co-Chair

Meets regularly with Lower School Director, chairs division meetings, recruits classroom coordinators and coordinates parent meetings. Will co-chair with Tera Muellerleile in 2017-18 — a two-year position.**

Middle School Division Co-Chair

Meets regularly with Middle School Director, chairs division meetings, recruits grade-level coordinators and coordinates parent meetings. Will co-chair with Kelly O'Neill in 2017-18 — a two-year position.** 

Upper School Division Chairs

Meet regularly with Upper School director, chair division meetings, recruit grade-level coordinators and coordinate parent meetings.  Will co-chair with Tonya Hendrickson in 2017-18 — a two-year position.** 

Chief Information Officer

In charge of the online parent volunteer forms that go out twice yearly. Handles all the technical set up using Google Forms, coordinates the timing of the process -- working with various school administrations, as well as working with all Divisions and the Parents Association (PA) Board to develop the content. Also serves as technical support to the PA Board in their use of the PA Google Drive, and all Google programs. Will co-chair with Greg Winn in 2017-18 — a two-year position.**

Community Building Chair

Plans and oversees Community Building Program. Works with Classroom/Grade-Level Coodinators at all grades.

Family Community Outreach Co-Chair

Coordinates Community Outreach programs in cooperation with Chaplains and Service Managers. Will co-chair with Kimberly Bernstein in 2017-18 — a two-year position.** 

Multicultural Education Forum Co-Chair

Coordinates Multicultural Education programs for parents, including annual Multicultural Film Festival and Student Voices. This is a two-year position.**

New Family Host Co-Chair

Coordinates communication and events for new families from all three divisions throughout the year, including planning new family coffees and serving as a resource for new families.

Parent Education Forum Co-Chair 

Coordinates Parent Education programs — mental, physical, emotional and behavioral. Will co-chair with Erica Dovenberg in 2017-18 — a two-year position.**

ReUse, RePlay, ReCycle Co-Chair

Coordinates Re-Use Uniform Sales and Recycling programs; works with Breck Sustainability Committee to promote intiatives within the school. Will co-chair with Kara Johansson in 2017-18 — a two-year position.

Staff Appreciation Day Co-Chair

Coordinates efforts that culminate in the Faculty/Staff Appreciation Day held in the spring each year. Will co-chair with Danielle Preissing in 2017-18 — a two-year position.

Lower School Classroom Coordinators

Coordinates classroom communication, meetings and volunteer activities in collaboration with the teacher.

Middle School and Upper School Grade-Level Coordinators

Coordinates grade-level communication, meetings and volunteer activities for the grade. Also responsible for planning the grade-level Community Building event in collaboration with others in the grade and the Community Building Chair.


** The first year of the position will work with the current chair; the second year will chair the committee and work with an incoming chair.